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The challenge

The accumulation of wealth is a challenge initially connected with assets and earnings at a high level, either started individually or started by ancestors and transferred within a family. Once wealth has been created, one of the biggest issues becomes its protection for the following generations. Tax planning of income, connected to such income, often appears to be one of the most challenging issues. In reality, it is estate tax that may create the heaviest charge, reducing a family’s wealth over generations.

Moreover, in our globalized world, neither tax nor estate planning remains a national issue. Today, correct income and estate tax planning requires in most cases in-depth knowledge of income tax laws, applicable succession rules and estate tax issues in a series of countries. Indeed, the mismatch of income tax planning tools for persons residing in different jurisdictions is the basis for a first intervention. Often, it is cross-border holding of real estate that creates most issues.

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Our expertise

One of our key strengths lies in the analysis of issues connected to cross-border wealth transition, estate and income tax planning. Through our colleagues in the member firms and collaborating firms of Andersen Global, and our colleagues and business partners, we review national and international issues and can find solutions for each individual case; this may include the incorporation of companies and the conclusion of life insurance contracts.