Today we live in a world where countries are competing with eachother on tax revenues as fiscal preasure on governments worldwide increased dramatically due to the events occured during the past years like the global financial crises or the Brexit. Therefore, the international tax community is faced with the problem to comply with all the transfer pricing requirements around the world and is occupied with correcting income of multinational groups in respect of an appropriate profit allocation.

Based on our extensive experience, we are able to assist multinational companies to identify and achieve their local and global transfer pricing objectives and support them to design an effective and tailor-made transfer pricing framework as well as the respective documentation.

We may accompany our clients through the entire transfer pricing life cycle (Planning, Implementation, Documentation, Monitoring) and provide our services according to our client’s needs.

We base our advise on OECD’s recent guidance and/or local requirements whereby we are supported by our international network partner firms.

Our service offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Identify TP Risks
  • Set up TP Policies, TP Guidelines and TP Procedure Manuals
  • Set up Masterfile(s), Local or Entity File(s) and Country-by-Country Reporting(s)
  • Provide contractual framework assistance
  • Perform Economic / Function & Risk Analysis
  • Perform Database / Benchmarking Analysis
  • Support the implementation of tax and TP efficient supply chains (supply chain management)
  • Assist in filing Advance Pricing Agreements (unilateral, bilateral, multilateral)
  • Assist in setting up an in-house TP department / office
  • Assist in the defence during tax audits